The Tonal Persuasion Method Philosophy

In a modern world where the attention of our ideal buyer is split in more ways than ever by a barrage of purchasing options, it is the job of a sales master in the modern era to know that the difference making the difference in sales results is one thing: genuine appreciation and care for the need of the buyer.

With Darcy J Smyth’s Tonal Persuasion Method all sales strategies, concepts and philosophies are grounded in the non-negotiable of putting the prospective buyer’s needs first. The persuasive vocal tonalities, language patterns and successful mindsets that are taught are all designed to serve our buyer.

The Vision

The Tonal Persuasion Method is the cornerstone approach of business owners and salespeople who generate their own income through what they sell.

The Mission

Creating a style of selling that strategically puts the buyer’s needs first as a way of helping them make highly resourceful buying decisions they will tell others about.

The Values

Be the ultimate problem solver
Be the most trusted advisor
Be the walking example of massive value
Be the personification of leverage
Be the example depth over the width, and quality over quantity
Be the pleasantly unexpected